ZCS - Total Flexible Return


Zeus Asset Management SA

36, Rue des Aubépines
L-8052 Bertrange - Luxembourg


The objective of the sub-fund is to achieve a steady positive return with relative low volatility and limited correlation to market cycles affecting traditional fixed income and equity markets. The sub-fund will invest with a global approach in Transferable Securities that are well diversified from geographic, industrial sector and currency point of view. The sub-fund’s investment decisions will be based on credit and rate risk analysis and research, as well as macro-economic analysis. The sub-fund will invest with a flexible approach up to 40% of its net assets in equities. The sub-fund will not invest more than 40% of its net assets directly or indirectly in emerging countries, it will focus mainly on Latin America, Asia, including China, Australia and New Zealand. Any investments in People’s Republic of China will exclusively be made through UCITS or other UCIs subject to the 10% limit.