ZCS - DNA Biotech


Zeus Asset Management SA

36, Rue des Aubépines
L-8052 Bertrange - Luxembourg


The sub-fund can invest at least two-thirds (2/3) of its net assets in Transferable Securities issued by biopharmaceutical companies that are at the forefront of innovation in the medical sector.

The sub-fund will not limit its investment universe to a particular geographical area. However, in light of the particularly innovative nature of the pharmaceutical industry in North America and Western Europe, the vast majority of its investments will focus on these regions.

The sub-fund may invest in a diversified portfolio of Transferable Securities, Money Market Instruments as well as ETFs to generate a well-balanced, fully invested portfolio.

The sub-fund may invest up to 10% of its Net Asset Value in units of UCITS and/or other UCIs and it may use Financial Derivative Instruments in order to reduce the possibility of financial losses or to achieve higher gains. The underlying asset of these FDIs are: equities, equity indices, bonds, currencies and interest rates.